Category "Hospitality & Travel"

  • ED-CCTP-125 Travel Agent Professional Program

    Our Complete Career Training Programs (CCTP) include both the training you need and the skills you will want in order to be prepared for your new career. We have taken online career programs to a whole new level by bundling our Career Training with Professional Development and Personal Enrichment courses to ensure you have a diversified learning experience.
  • ED-HT-104 Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist

    In today's competitive hospitality market, it is vital to have an understanding of sales and marketing. Our Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist program will focus on destination marketing along with other parts of tourism while drawing from the insights of leading sales executives to cover the hospitality sales profession.
  • ED-HT-102 Event Planning Entrepreneur

    The event planning business is not only growing, but it can be very profitable. If you have creativity, people skills and fantastic organization, an event planning business may be the career of your dreams. The two big obstacles are establishing your credentials and gaining clients. Our Event Planning Entrepreneur program can help you get started.